RITE-HITE Motor Holder


NEW DESIGN! Cut out is designed for Mercury and Yamaha CMS 4-stroke Comes with Two Red Hydraulic Steering Stabilizers Included for Trailering and an Allen Wrench .750 or 3/4 inches longer Made From High Impact Plastic with Soft Rubber Top No More Grease and Grime

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New cut out design is made to fit Mercury and Yamaha CMS 4-stroke outboard motors and others with 2 trim cylinders and is .750 or 3/4 inches longer. Also comes with an allen wrench. The RITE-HITE motor holder is the ideal way to stabilize the outboard motor while trailering your boat. It is constructed from unbreakable UHMW material and a high impact rubber top. The motor holder comes with 2 hydraulic steering stabilizers, so that the motor will not rotate side to side while trailering. This motor holder is the affordable way of reducing the risk of damaging your motor while on the move. There are some boats that will sit to low to the ground while being trailered, resulting in not being long enough with this product in use. It is unclear as to if there are certain brands of boats or certain lengths that cause this. If this becomes an issue for you, we can make longer extensions that could help this issue. If there are any questions please contact us.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 in
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