Green Mountain Firewood


Green Mountain’s Firewood – the cleanest, most efficient, most advanced firewood on earth, for home heating, hearth & fire pits, and cooking. Made entirely of aromatic sawdust, shavings and wood chips, compressed and extruded into a convenient size. Extruded to 12″ in length, with rounded corners, weighing 2.25 lbs each.

  • Nothing but wood. No additives or binders. No bugs, fungus, or mold. Pasteurized in process. Natural wood aroma. No harmful chemicals in your home or in the air.
  • FLEXIBLE: Build a 2 hour fire, or add more to extend the experience (2-5 hour burn time). Use in any stove, fireplace, fire pit, or barbecue.
  • FAST: Quick, easy lighting, with fatwood fire starters (included)
  • EFFICIENT: Heat output beats that of cord wood and common fire logs, High BTU output 8852 Btu/#1 (Oak 5400). Less than 4% moisture and stores in 1/3 the space of cord wood.
  • SAFE: Minimal smoke and no creosote build up, < .5% ash, and no popping or cracking.
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