Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Glue


  • Perfect solution for repairing hard or soft plastic lures, securing soft swimbaits to jigheads, or reinforcing braid to fluorocarbon connection knots. Created to become the go-to fishing glue for all anglers, the unique formula is approved for use in both fresh and saltwater environments and it bonds instantly on wet or dry materials
  • Equipped with a pin in the cap for continuous long-lasting flow, the glue can be stored without having to worry about it clogging after the first use.
  • The only glue any angler will ever need to use, the Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Glue saves you time and money by securing soft plastics so they resist tearing and withstand the abuse of numerous catches.
  • If you’re not using this glue it’s costing you!
  • Best fishing glue on the market!
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